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Recent Health and Fitness Articles

Don't have time to read newspapers and magazines to get the latest fitness news? Let us do the work for you. Below you will find a library of Lynn's extensive fitness articles and also timely news from this week.

Lynn's Week In Review -- Top Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Articles

Updated Every Monday; click here for her top picks


General Workout

Why Sitting Is So Dangerous To Your Health -- Get Out Of Your Chair

Even if you try to eat healthy and even if you are maintaining a healthy weight, you most likely are doing something that is extremely detrimental to your health...


Get Out Of Your Workout Rut

Do you feel like you are in a workout rut? Do you find yourself doing the same exercises month after month or even year after year?

Overcoming Workout Plateaus

Humans are habitual. They strive on routine and rituals. While it’s true that routine can provide a sense of ease and security...


Spice Up Your Workouts With Interval Training

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about Interval Training. So, you may be wondering what it really is and, more importantly, why you should incorporate it in your fitness workouts. ...


How To Create An Effective Gym In The Comfort Of Your Home

For an effective home gym, all that is required is a little bit of planning. ...


How To Get Sexy Abs

The reality is that even if you do crunches every day you aren’t guaranteed to get the stomach you desire...


Great Summer Workouts: Just Add Water

Water exercises are the perfect way to workout under the sun without overheating. You can get a total body workout without even breaking a sweat!


Strategies For Successful Weight Loss Lifestyle Changes

The first thing you should do is identify where you fall on the behavioral change spectrum. There are five distinct stages of behavioral change...


How To Determine Your Exercise Intensity

The duration and frequency guidelines are very straight-forward and easily defined. But, “moderate” intensity is often left to interpretation....


Your Top Fitness Questions Answered

The answers to these top 8 inquiries can help most anyone get a jump start on reaching their weight loss and fitness goals....

Overcome Exercise Excuses

You’ve told yourself dozens of times that tomorrow you are going to start exercising. Yet, tomorrow has come and gone, and you still haven’t starting moving.....


Play Ball To Get Fit

Women Strength Training Top Benefits

Incredibly Easy Ways To Exercise

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Strength Training Program Effective

Top Exercise Mistakes Made and How To Avoid Them

Avoid Common Fitness Pitfalls

Getting F.I.T.T. Is Easy

Transform Your Body In Six Weeks

Weight Loss and Exercise Myths -- Test Your Fitness IQ

Tricks To Avoid Workout Burnout

The Psychology Of Weight Loss

What Are Your Priorities Keeping You From Exercising?

8 Totally Easy Steps To Good Fitness

The Secret To Weight Loss -- Journaling

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

Setting SMART Fitness Goals

Sneak Workouts Into Your Busy Autumn Days

The Truth About Restaurant Calories

Why Working Out At Home May Be Better Than A Gym

No Time To Exercise? Just 15 Minutes Per Day


Fitness For Parents

Teach Your Children Positive Self-Image Through Fitness

How To Stay Fit While Working From Home

Exercising With Kids

Tips For Brides-To-Be

Top Wedding Fitness Questions

Wedding Fitness Tips

Travel Workouts

Workouts That Travel

Holiday Tips

Mother's Day Gift Ideas -- Give The Gift Of Fitness

Guide To Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Holiday Fitness Tips

Top Tips For Staying Fit During The Holidays

Six Week Holiday Survival Plan: Stay Fit and Stress Free

New Year's Resolution Action Plan

Staying Fit While Traveling During The Holidays

Stave Off Weight Gain:  Holiday Game Plan

Starting A Diet During The Holidays

Why Resolutions Fail

Mother's Day Gift Ideas -- Fitness Gadgets



Stay Fit During Winter

Exercising Safely In Heat

Summer Exercise Activities To Stay Fit

High Tech Fitness Gear Gift Ideas

Spring Clean Your Workout

February Is Heart Month


Preventing Diseases

The Right Exercise Intensity For Preventing Disease

Being Fat At Age 40+ Can Shorten Your Life

Weight Training Can Help Your Heart

Benefits Of Being Active

Older Women Who Exercise May Have Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer

Even If You Don't Lose Weight, Just Trying Reduces Health Risks

Stomach Fat = Higher Disease Risk



Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

Losing Midsection Fat

Whole Grains, Best For Weight Loss

Importance of Good Diet/Nutrition and Exercise for Arthritis patients

Good Carbs vs. Bad

Cutting Calories More Important Than Cutting Carbs


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