Why Choose Workouts For You?

Workouts For You is THE original online personal training site.

We helped to revolutionize personal training 10+ years ago

When we had the idea to start offering PT services thru the Internet we broke down the three top barriers that often kept clients from personal training: Cost, Location and Access.

We are the leader in totally customized online personal training programs

Because of this, our loyal clients truly benefit from our service. Our founder is a certified personal trainer with 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry.

We keep moving the industry forward

And while we're pioneers in Internet fitness training, we certainly are not old-fashioned. We regularly update our programs to ensure we continually meet the ever-changing needs of our clients -- both thru cutting-edge technology tools and the most effective workouts and fitness techniques.

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WFY Stands Out From All Others Because We:














 Design truly customized fitness programs that are based on your individual needs and goals. Don't be fooled by other fitness programs that claim to provide personalized workouts. Most of these so-called "personalized"  programs actually provide computer-generated or pre-fabricated client training programs. This means that regardless of your unique needs and goals, you may actually receive a plan that doesn't match your needs. However, with our Made Just For You program, we utilize an extensive enrollment profile (including fitness goals, available fitness equipment, current exercise regimen, medical history, etc.) to create your workout. Your trainer reviews every aspect of your profile when creating your customized program and works directly with you to ensure that you are always doing effective exercises that are just right for YOU

 Empower On-The-Go with Mobile Access. We are an on-the-go society. You may want to workout at a gym, at a park or when you are traveling. With Workouts For You you can take your workouts anywhere. We give you mobile access so with your Smart Device you can view workout videos right in the palm of your hand.

 Provide the accountability that is necessary for a fitness program to be successful. An important feature of any successful fitness program is to provide motivation and accountability. As a member you'll have access to our online accountability system where you report your weekly progress directly to your trainer. The log not only helps you stay accountable but it also allows the trainer to know exactly what you did (or didn't) do, how you liked it and therefore determine if any changes need to be made.       

 Create programs that are based on your available equipment. Typically you are expected to purchase home equipment in order to stay fit when using a trainer. Very few fitness programs (even online options) offer options for people who don't have access to fitness equipment. But, Workouts For You can design a program for you that requires no equipment (except maybe a good pair of sneakers!) and that you can do anywhere, anytime. We won't make you buy expensive fitness equipment. We work with what you have because you can get a good workout at home with just the items you have around your house.   

 Connect You With Your Social Network. More than a billion people use the top social networking tools. So we know that is something our clients enjoy. We offer a social networking tool on your private webpage that allows you to individually invite friends and family to watch your fitness progress and post supportive messages to you.       

 Recommend not just strength training workouts but also cardio and stretching. Many online programs only offer strength training workouts or if they offer cardio workouts they are very limiting. We know the importance of all 3 components of good fitness and therefore offer a program with cardio workouts.

 Provide you with very detailed guidance and direction. Workouts For You custom designs each program based on individual needs, lifestyle and goals to ensure that each client is working out using exercises that are most efficient for them. Our programs provide very detailed descriptions and instructions for type of exercise, frequency, duration, equipment to use, how much resistance, number of sets, number of reps, rest time, the order in which you perform the exercises, etc.  You'll never have to wonder if you are doing your workout correctly or have confusion on what to do.  Since your program includes animated exercise demonstrations performed by a human model to ensure accuracy. Plus, if you ever have any questions about any part of your WFY training program, you can e-mail your trainer and you'll receive a quick response.

 Emphasize Real Results, not unattainable goals. Most fitness and weight loss programs promise unachievable results and expect you to workout all the time. But, Workouts For You gives you a program with attainable goals. We help you learn how to change your lifestyle rather than offering up a quick fix that won't last.

 Understand that one-size doesn't fit all and that people change their minds. While we are very good at understanding your needs and abilities through your enrollment profile in combination with e-mail communications, we understand that you may still want to change something with your workout. So, we don't force you to stick with the plan exactly as we create it for you. If there's something you don't like about your fitness plan or decide your fitness goal priorities have changed, then we'll work with you to re-design your exercise program.

 Get Results! Our members are always very surprised at the high level of personalization and customization they receive with their Workouts For You membership. They can't believe all they get for such an affordable price. And, they are amazed at how much they enjoy their workouts -- with the huge amount of exercise variety and unique training programs, there's never a chance to get bored. To read what our members are saying about us, click here.

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