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Welcome To Workouts For You! Whatever your fitness needs are, one of our online exercise programs can help you. Regardless of whether you want to Lose Weight, Tone-Up, Build Muscles, Prepare For A Race,  or Increase Stamina we can help you be successful.

Our certified personal trainer can custom design an online training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.).

See Below For A More Accurate Method For Calculating Your Heart Rate Zone

220 minus your age = your maximum heart rate

Find your resting heart rate (RHR). It's best to measure your RHR first thing in the morning after you wake-up without an alarm clock. Count your heart beats for one full minute to determine your RHR.

Subtract your RHR from your maximum heart rate. This number is known as X.

To determine your minimum target heart rate (60% of maximum), Multiply X times .60

To determine 70% of maximum, Multiply X times .70 and add this number to RHR.

To determine 80% of maximum, Multiply X times .80 and add this number to RHR.

To determine 90% of maximum, Multiply X times .90 and add this number to RHR.

Sample for 45-year old.

220 - 45 = 175 MHR

175 - 71 (RHR) = 104

104 X .60 + 71 = 134 (60% max)

104 X .70 + 71 = 144 (70% max)

104 X .80 + 71 = 154 (80% max)

104 X .90 + 71 = 165 (90% max)

This person's target heart rate is between 134 and 165. And, 165 should only be obtained if this individual is well-trained and fit.






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