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Excessive heat hitting much of the U.S. Don't give up your exercise. Just exercise safely in the hot weather.

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We have also been featured in Martha Stewart Living's Body + Soul Magazine; The Calgary Sun; as an Indianapolis Star Cool Dot Com site, plus many more!


Workouts For You Corporate Wellness Solutions

Healthy and fit employees make for a more productive work environment.

<To learn more about enrolling your company in our corporate program, contact us here.>

Easy to get started.  Employees immediately benefit.  We take care of everything.

Healthy employees equate to a reduction in absenteeism, less money spent on health care costs and ultimately a better, more profitable business.


So, investing a small amount to help keep your staff well will help ensure the success of your company. An easy way to directly contribute to the well-being of your employees is through an effective fitness program.


Many employers and employees are now viewing "corporate wellness" as the new essential component to their compensation plans. But, traditional means of providing this benefit can be costly. Workouts For You corporate wellness program is extremely affordable while also being very effective, convenient and educational.


Benefits of a wellness program:

  • Decreased absenteeism

  • More energetic employees

  • Reduced health care costs

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Higher productivity

Workouts For You understand the crucial role fitness plays in good health and preventive care. Our turnkey wellness solutions are designed to accommodate both small and large business needs as well as a variety of different budget options.


Your company gets its own portal which can be integrated with your company's look and feel for ease-of-use


We deliver comprehensive online fitness portals to companies -- creating a 24/7 fitness resource for your employees.

We specialize in integrating online corporate wellness solutions that are extremely personalized. Our programs stand out from other offerings because we customize to meet your employees individual needs. We offer a variety of solutions and will consult with you to determine what best meets your companies' needs.


The Workouts For You Corporate Wellness Program is the most comprehensive and affordable corporate wellness solution available.  No other service gives you everything that Workouts For You does. Anywhere else, you would need to purchase services from at least three different companies with no integration and very little, if any, human support and feedback.

Your employees will have access to all of the following:

Fitness Assessments and Recommendations

Workouts Designed For Each Individual's Needs

Complete Nutrition and Meal Plan System

FitTracker Charts and Graphs

Health and Fitness News, Resources and Regular Trainer Communications


To learn more about enrolling your company in our corporate program, contact us here.




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